Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike rely on handing out business cards to current or potential customer or client so they can remember important contact information.  Although traditional business cards have been around for a very long time, they only work well up to a point.  More companies and sole proprietors are turning to magnetic business cards for a variety of reasons. Modern business card magnets contain all of the same information as a traditional business card, but there are several important reasons business card magnets are a sound marketing investment. Your company will stand out and create a deeper impression with your prospective clients.  They can easily fit into your clients' wallets and even double as a mini billboard on the recipient's refrigerator!


Why You Should Make the Switch to Business Card Magnets: 


magnetic business cards 

1Magnetic Business Cards Attract More Attention!

Business card magnets can be a designed into a custom shaped magnet and placed in a location that is very popular and accessible such as a fridge door or an office filing cabinet. Business Card Magnets ensure that your business information is being looked at by your customers on a daily basis,  and be quickly and easily referenced at a later time. By comparison,  traditional business cards are "out of sight, out of mind."

2) Higher Survival Rate 

Magnetic Business Cards are more durable and cannot be easily bent or ripped like a traditional card. Furthermore, where do traditional business cards usually end up? Oftentimes, they can be found in the garbage can,  indexed in a box that no one uses, or even squished in the back of the drawer. You will want to ask yourself whether you want your business card to have the longevity that a magnetic business card ensures, or a forgotten traditional card.

3) Magnetic Business Cards Are Better Quality

Quality business card magnets are usually made with more premium materials that can withstand constant handling better than their traditional counterparts. They will also be able to withstand any form of chemical and liquid contact without its image fraying or become distorted. Whether business cards are used by large corporations or small to medium enterprises, they are undeniably a timeless and invaluable marketing tool.

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