Real Estate Magnet Ideas to Boost Your Real Estate Business!

The real estate business always seems like a serious affair so why not give your real estate business marketing a twist with promotional magnets? By using custom house shaped magnets, you can capture attention from both property buyers and sellers about your real estate business. And the fact that the shape magnets can be affixed on the fridge makes it even all the more appropriate to make a lasting impression.

The House Shaped Magnet is a Perfect Symbol for Your Business

By using the shape of a house, it is easy for your potential clients to identify that promotional message on your magnet with your brand. Real estate business is mostly a matter of buying and selling houses so the house shape is a perfect symbol to represent your business. Humans are very visual beings so the shape itself will aid potential clients to remember that your business is in real estate.

Great as Giveaways at Trade Shows

While other businesses will be handing out business cards and brochures at trade shows, your booth will attraction a lot of attentions when you hand out house shaped magnets. This is because these promotional magnets are highly functional and people will love the idea of getting them as giveaways. Such custom logo magnets usually enjoy a long lifespan on the doors of the fridge so your brand building will last beyond the trade shows.

Promotional Magnets are Economical

We all know that realtors stand to earn a tidy commission from a house sale or purchase. However, what we often forget is that closing that real estate transaction is not easy. For realtors, they have to cast a wide net and market their business to as many potential clients as possible so that the lead conversion ratio will be higher. With cheap house shaped magnets, it will easily fit a small marketing budget. Because they are economical and low cost, it helps you to cast a wider marketing net out there and spread the word better about your business.

Ideas for Customizing House Shaped Magnets

Whether you choose black and white house shaped magnets or contemporary-looking colorful ones, we are sure you can find an ideal magnet design to represent your real estate business. Here are some ideas:house shaped calendar magnetWith a simple and clean-looking house shaped magnet, you can make sure that your recipient will use this magnet for the entire year. The simple fonts also make reading the wordings easily and this can easily fit into both traditional and modern kitchens.double sided magnetDouble side house shaped magnets are really great if you want more space for advertising your business on these promotional magnets. Users can flip the magnets around and each side will have a unique design that features details for your real estate business.As you can see custom house shaped magnets can blend in easily into a modern kitchen with granite countertops and stainless appliances as well as blend in beautifully with rustic country kitchens – all you have to do is to choose a great design for your magnets today.

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